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Saturday, March 21, 2009

COLORADO: Do Not Limit Medical Marijuana Patients' Rights

(Reposted from the NORML website)

Proposed rule changes to Colorado's medical marijuana law:

The Colorado Board of Health will soon be considering a proposed regulation change which would restrict the number of patients that may be provided for by a state-authorized caregiver. The hearing was originally scheduled for March 18, but has been rescheduled due to the large number of people wishing to testify against this change. You can view the proposed changes at http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/op/bh/hearingnotices/Medical....

NORML's affiliates and allies in Colorado believe that the establishment of this proposed policy is not in the best interest of the patient and is likely to result in serious, negative health consequences for ill Coloradans. If the policy passes, it would block safe access to medicine, ripping thousands of sick patients from their current, safe caregiver relationship and forcing them into the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous position of having to find a new caregiver. It will force patients into illicit market situations where they run the serious risk of physical assault or theft.

The policy would also limit patient rights. Patients deserve the right to select the caregiver of their choice, in the same manner that a patient may select a preferred doctor. Both doctors and caregivers are individuals charged with the important task of caring for the health care of the patient. This is an important and personal decision which can have major ramifications on the health of the patient.

Finally, it is an irrational policy. The State's arbitrary limit is tantamount to restricting a neighborhood pharmacy such as Walgreens to serving only five patients. It is economically inefficient and masses significant costs onto patients, most of whom are of limited financial means as brought on by their debilitating diseases. The State should not interfere with, and affirmatively restrict, such an essential, life-and-death

With 40 million uninsured Americans and in the midst of the most severe economic crisis in decades, a policy that increases the cost and decreases access to healthcare is not in the interest of Coloradans. Please do not enact the "Five Patient Policy".

You may contact the Colorado Board of Health with your concerns at:

Colorado Board of Health
C/O Linda Shearman, Program Assistant
Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South EDO-A5
Denver CO 80246-1530

FAX: 303 691 7702

Public comments may also be e-mailed at:


Thank you for supporting Joe the Stoner's and NORML's marijuana law reform efforts in Colorado.

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