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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aliens Visit Planet Earth

Last night I was visited by Aliens from another planet. I was not abducted, poked or prodded. I was not informed of any Alien invasion. I was not mistreated, tortured, water-boarded or made a prisoner.

Instead, I was offered something of great value to all humankind.

The Aliens made a peace offering. They said they would give me a miracle plant. They told me this plant would cure ailments as simple as nausea to diseases as bad as cancer. They said this plant can also fuel our vehicles as a non-toxic fuel alternative. They said that the miracle plant could also be used to build houses as strong as any brick house and more environmentally-friendly. They said we could make paper, clothing and many other items out of this miracle plant.

They said it would not only do all these things, but that it would also make people happy, help them sleep, help them eat, help them become more creative and help people live longer.

They also said we've had this miracle plant on Planet Earth for thousands of years....

... they said it was called Marijuana.


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