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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not guilty pleas for three men in Boulder medical-pot robbery case

Trials for the co-defendants scheduled to begin in February
John Aguilar, Camera Staff Writer

Separate trials were scheduled Friday for three co-defendants in the case of a Boulder medical marijuana dispensary that was robbed in June.

David Henderson, 40; Justin St. John, 29; and Lamare McGee, 22 pleaded not guilty to charges of robbery and kidnapping.

A fourth defendant in the June 16 robbery of New Options Wellness Center -- 21-year-old Walter Carter -- isn't scheduled to be arraigned in the case until Sept. 25.

The quartet is accused of sending St. John into the medical marijuana facility at 2885 E. Aurora Ave. to make a phony pot purchase and case out the place.

Minutes later, McGee and Carter entered New Options, restrained the female employee working there, and stole 26 pint jars with marijuana, 72 sample packs of the drug, canisters of hashish, cannibis pills, pipes, security system components and $1,128 in cash, according to police.

Henderson is accused by prosecutors of masterminding the entire plan and driving the getaway vehicle.

The men were stopped by police driving eastbound on U.S. 36 shortly after the incident and arrested. St. John's trial, scheduled for Feb. 16, is up first.

It will be followed a week later by Henderson's trial. McGee is set to go on trial March 1.

The Boulder County District Attorney's Office has not yet filed a motion to consolidate the cases into one trial.St. John and McGee are free on bond, while Henderson and Carter remain behind bars.

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